The creation of my Spring 2011 Collection and my visit to Textile Arts Center


So I’ve been working on my Spring 2011 collection for a few few months now and I am currently doing it with extra gusto. This baby is due to be finished by Mid August and there is a lot that has to happen before then. I already do my own patterns and draping and for this collection then I plan to plan to do my own prints.

I will be designing and printing my own prints right here in Brooklyn. Luckily I am good at Silkscreening. Some of you may not be aware of this but I started my artistic journey in Fine Arts. I majored in Fine Arts for 2 years at Pratt and it was also my focus in HS. The last time that I did silk-screening was to help my friend Alexis Peskine create work for his big solo show at Mocada…. those were good times… but I digress.

I will put these skills to work once again but this time for my collection.

So last week saturday I stopped by the Textile Arts Center right here in Brooklyn to check out the fascilities.

What a wonderful place to have right here in Brooklyn- the home of so many artists. This place was founded just last year and still looks brand new.

I not only got a tour of the fascilities but I got to sit down with an instrutor and briefly explain to her what my project was. I had  never printed on chiffon before and we did a test print on chiffon and it turned out beautifully. The ink got into the fabric without going through it and the fabric maintained the same feel that it previously had. I was so happy!

I’ll be getting my own fine weave screen for printing soon and am working on my designs. Alhumdulillah and Halellujah for options!

Here’s a test print that I did. It’s on a scrap piece of chiffon & design is  from a screen that they had laying around

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2 responses to “The creation of my Spring 2011 Collection and my visit to Textile Arts Center

  1. Candice

    Where can the general public buy your designs? They are absolutely fabulous!!!!

    • Nzinga Knight

      Anyone can purchase these designs by emailing me at You’ll receive customized service and I’ll help you choose the style and color that’s best for you.

      I ship internationally & look forward to you owning your first Nzinga Knight dress.

      Thank you!

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