The Fall Eveningwear Sale

This dress was created for you to wear to an upcoming special occasion. I can help you get started on your order and provide you with excellent service from start to finish.

email me at & Click on “The Collection” for more style and price details.

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Sponsor/ Name a dress

Up until Mid-September I am in the process of creating my Spring 2011 collection. This collection consists of up to 12 styles. Above is a sneak peak of what I’m been working on.

Sponsor A Dress/ Name A Dress is a fun way to get you involved in the design process. As with the previous collection each style has a name. These names were developed by creative and generous sponsors located around the country. The initial creation of the samples for past styles was made possible by the generous support of friends, family, fashionistas and art and design supporters alike.

Their support helped to offset the cost of materials, factory fees, the photo-shoot  ie photographer, model, make-up artist/ hair stylist and clothing stylist, and marketing materials. in return they took part in fashion history by naming the styles that represented them best. They also received numerous gifts commemoration the debut collection.

This year I’d like to get you involved. Sponsorship amounts vary per style. For your generous sponsorship you will have the opportunity to name a dress style and be a part of fashion history. The name of the style will appear on all material referring to this style ie advertisements, sales tickets, order forms etc.

And that’s not all.

As a show of my appreciation

You will receive a framed and autographed hand drawn Fashion Illustration sketched by me along with a catalog of  the Spring 2011 collection + a 30% discount on any dress you choose to purchase.

I look forward to your support.

* If you’re interested in supporting for less than the full sponsorship amount you will also receive a 10% discount and an honorable mention on this site and in the catalog credits

Contact me at to support


Corporate sponsors are welcomed

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The creation of my Spring 2011 Collection and my visit to Textile Arts Center


So I’ve been working on my Spring 2011 collection for a few few months now and I am currently doing it with extra gusto. This baby is due to be finished by Mid August and there is a lot that has to happen before then. I already do my own patterns and draping and for this collection then I plan to plan to do my own prints.

I will be designing and printing my own prints right here in Brooklyn. Luckily I am good at Silkscreening. Some of you may not be aware of this but I started my artistic journey in Fine Arts. I majored in Fine Arts for 2 years at Pratt and it was also my focus in HS. The last time that I did silk-screening was to help my friend Alexis Peskine create work for his big solo show at Mocada…. those were good times… but I digress.

I will put these skills to work once again but this time for my collection.

So last week saturday I stopped by the Textile Arts Center right here in Brooklyn to check out the fascilities.

What a wonderful place to have right here in Brooklyn- the home of so many artists. This place was founded just last year and still looks brand new.

I not only got a tour of the fascilities but I got to sit down with an instrutor and briefly explain to her what my project was. I had  never printed on chiffon before and we did a test print on chiffon and it turned out beautifully. The ink got into the fabric without going through it and the fabric maintained the same feel that it previously had. I was so happy!

I’ll be getting my own fine weave screen for printing soon and am working on my designs. Alhumdulillah and Halellujah for options!

Here’s a test print that I did. It’s on a scrap piece of chiffon & design is  from a screen that they had laying around


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Stay Cool this summer in a Nzinga Knight dress

Ever wonder why people in the desert wear so much clothing? It’s to protect the skin from the sun and the flow of the fabric keeps the air circulating and the body breezy.

On hot days like today then the naked look will get you sun burnt and and have you feeling clammy. Exposed skin is too vulnerable & your sweat will just sit there instead of being absorbed by fabric and being dried  quickly by the heat. The layered look will have you steamy. You need a dress that has you covered and fashionable in a zip. So for your summer formal event I recommend selections from my collection in the lighter colors that I offer and in chiffons and lightweight jerseys. The Madonna  (comes in chiffon or georgette) the Bilquis and Kamilah in charmeuse or the organza option respectively. Click on collection to have you on your way to fashion freedom

contact me  To order for you upcoming event when you have to look your best and stay cool.



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The Cyndi style… All Glitz’d UP!

The Cyndi style is now also available with large faceted stones and chain. Email or Shop at Sauce if you’re in the Dubai area.

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Nzinga Knight at Sauce in Dubai| Starting February 2010


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Artist Leslie Hewitt in Nzinga Knight blouse at MoMA’s New Photography opening reception

On 9/30/09 I attended the opening reception for New Photography exhibit at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).

Leslie Hewitt is one of the six artists whose work is currently on display at this prestigious museum. In Leslie’s work then she creates compositions of deliberately chosen objects and creates specific arrangements which she then photographs. She makes you question what’s real in color perception and in the various things that our eye presents us with as well as the untold histories of the everyday.

IMG_1166For this event Leslie chose to wear a design from my upcoming collection. Of which she now owns 2, a black version (seen here) and a white one.


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